Google is Shutting Down Google Plus

get ready for ta say goodby to your google plus

google plus shutting down

I remember when I started using google plus it seemed pretty attractive to me. But at the same time I was actively starting to use Facebook. Now when I think about it, I realize that I was sort of forcing myself to use it, Because it was really boring.

I remember telling my friend about it and asking them to register. At first it seemed interesting and useful. But later I realized nobody is actually using it and it’s too boring. So eventually I stopped using it besides some times when I was getting some rare notifications to check.

I ask myself why I didn’t get popular like some other social media networks. Why it is so interactive. Most probably because it didn’t come up in at the good moment, it was too late. And as I’ve experienced it didn’t have a practical use and

Unfortunately the time for saying goodbye to our google+ came. Almost nobody can believe what’s happening. Google announces is going to shut down the google plus over the next 10 months.

the decision follows the revelation of a previously undisclosed security flaw that exposed users’ profile data that was remedied in march 2018. the review revealed that a bug in the software allowed apps access to profile fields that were not marked as public.

goodby google plus

Google noted how they expected google plus will become strong social media for the world, but  the site wasn’t really becoming a strong social media destination.

Google said, “To give people a  opportunity to prepare them self for transition and saying good bye to their google plus profile, we will give them a 10-month period. Over the next  months, we will provide help with detailed  information, including how to download and migrate their data.”

In a blog post on Monday one of google developer detailed that google+ during last a few years had ‘low usage and engagement’ and that 90 percent of google plus user almost they don’t use google plus as their main social media.

Google decided to keep the google plus service  for enterprise customers who use it for communications among co-workers. it also plans to create new features that will be rolled out for that use case.

According to the Wall Street Journal this morning, Google discovered in August last year due to a violation of user data. However, this topic does not seem to be used by a third-party developer. The company decided not to disclose this problem, but in response it now disconnects the unsuccessful social network for consumers.

According to people, as part of their response to the incident, the company’s alphabet block plans to include a wide range of data privacy measures that have completely disabled all Google + features.

This step effectively constitutes the final nail in the product casket that was launched by Facebook Inc. in 2011 and is known as one of Google’s biggest failures.