How to change apple watch bands

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Remember the Apple 2002 viral ad with Ellen Faith, who relaxedly explained to Benadril, how reliable is the apple product? The days when this video was relevant, have passed irrevocably. This is especially true of the Apple Watch smart watches, the forums of happy owners who are full of irritation and messages about bugs, errors, shortcomings. Some issues bother users more than others. Here is a list of the 10 most common problems and ways to deal with them.

# 1 Bluetooth often disconnects or does not connect at all

There may be several reasons for this problem. Some users have found that their Apple Watch is disconnected from the iPhone, even if both devices are next to each other. Others have problems with Bluetooth when they try to use wireless headphones while exercising or running. To make communication work, you can take several actions.

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Solutions for idle headphones:
The range is critical for Bluetooth, and it varies with different wireless devices. Some users reported that the connection was restored when both problematic devices turned out to be on one side of the body. That is, it is worth, for example, to wear a watch on the other wrist. Such a slight change in the radius should not change anything, but you can try.

If the problem is streaming music to the headphones, just sync your playlist with your smart watch and turn off Bluetooth on your iPhone. This should allow the music to play without annoying interruptions, and training information can be downloaded to the iPhone afterwards.

Possible solutions for a disconnecting iPhone:
Try to turn airplane mode on and off. Alternatively, try to go to <Settings> Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on and off.

Turn on and off the clock. Hold the side button on the clock until the slider appears, and then drag the switch to the “Off” position. Hold the button again and hold until the Apple logo appears to turn the watch back on.