Google Classroom for education and effective learning

google classroom

Now more and more often different user activities “go” to the global web. For example, it is much more efficient to store photos and documents online in the cloud storage, where you have access from any computer and which you can share with other users (like Google Docs ). When working or teaching, people also try to use modern technology, which helps to better cope with their tasks. I remember, during my training, group mailings were created, where teachers or classmates sent important documents. Now, of course, there are more advanced tools, such as Google Classroom aka Google Class.

Google announced the full launch of the class service for teachers around the world. About 100 thousand teachers (from about 45 countries) registered to get acquainted with the Class. Now this is a complete service that is available to all comers. It is among the free Google Apps services for education. At the same time, it is integrated with other services: “Disk”, YouTube, “Documents” and Gmail.


In fact, Google Class allows teachers to organize a standard educational process via the Internet:

You can create training classes and add students to them.
You can send tasks to students, organize thematic discussions with students.
The student receives the task through the service, performs it online in Google Docs and attaches his work to the task.
All documents are stored in a structured form in directories on Google Drive, you can not worry about forgetting work at home, etc.
The list of completed work in real time is updated in the teacher’s panel – he can check the work, give a corresponding assessment and write a comment.



The service allows teachers to not only give assignments, but send out announcements or create subject discussions. Pupils have the opportunity to answer questions from teachers and share materials with other students. All this saves a lot of time and eliminates paperwork.

Of course, this approach is relevant for countries and schools where modern technologies are very actively used in the educational process. We, I think, will not be able to organize it soon. On the site of the service there is another interesting video with teachers’ reviews about Google Classroom.

The service is constantly improving and refining, in the process of testing a lot of feedback and suggestions from teachers were collected. For example, initially the teachers could not communicate with the students until they passed the task – after that the possibility of communication was realized already in the process of doing the work. Teachers also asked to create a special section for the publication of additional materials for the courses.

Currently, Google Class is available in 42 languages ​​(Russian is also supported). The interface is optimized for correct operation on mobile devices, including popular e-books. Definitely for such a learning format the future.