Gitex Technology Week 2018 in Dubai



The Gitex Technology Week is the largest and most prestigious IT exhibition in the Middle East, which is held every year in the fall and brings together experts in the field.The thirty-eighth exhibition period will be held in Dubai World Trade Center.

World Trade Centre (Dubai)

A weekly GITEX technology is also considered to be a special prize for industry innovations, for example the GITEX Hot Stuff Award for Consumer Electronics.

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The members in this group will be divided into ten categories that compete for the intended purpose, and this section of the contest is judged by expert judges and people’s general opinion, and in the end, the top performers will be awarded at a ceremony called lavish gala.

Another section at the GITEX 2018 exhibition is dedicated to the Student Lab, which is held in partnership with Google.
This competition is aimed at attracting talented students to upgrade ICT’s future leaders.

After reviewing the project provided by the panel, a number of these projects are selected and the best projects will be presented to companies that are leading the field of ICT.

Gitex Dubai Exhibition

The exhibition was first launched in 1981 with the aim of acquiring a new gateway to ICT business for the regions of Central Asia, North Africa and South Asia in Dubai, due to its advanced infrastructure and the gateway between the West and the East. Was held.


This is an enticing environment for ICT industry players to give their companies the chance to grow their business with direct products in this emerging market.

The Gitex Expo is the most prestigious exhibition in the field of technology and information technology in the region, with the latest in technology and technology in the field of technology (IT).

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Due to the breadth and breadth of IT issues (about 20 different sections that use more than 10 industries) and the presence of exhibitors and visitors from around the world, almost all top executives of the world’s leading companies and industry professionals in this Unparalleled event.

In addition to becoming familiar with the latest technology in the field of technology, the GITEX exhibition is a great opportunity to become acquainted with and communicate with manufacturers, purchase and ordering and obtaining product representation.


Every year, an exhibitor attends the cost of attending and attending the media and exhibition services.

Media Center is part of the exhibition, which is available for the benefit of the media community and the communication necessary for the proper publication of news, contact with the outside world of the exhibition and rest.

This space is equipped with high-speed Internet access, laptops equipped with the necessary technologies, fax, telephone, copier, and a printer and printer accessible to media enthusiasts, which are complemented by regular food and daily gifts for reporters and photographers.

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Over the past year (2017), more than 5,000 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, and visited more than 100,000 people from 120 different countries during the exhibition days. Each year, many engineers and specialists from Iran participate in this special event.

Importance of the GITEX Exhibition in Dubai 2018

– The top technology event in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

– Dubai has the fastest growing global technology focus.

– The largest gathering of state-owned agencies in the Middle East and Africa (MENA countries), global corporations and startups.

The topics of the GITEX Dubai Exhibition 2018

– Cloud Computing

– GolfComms

– Block Chain

– hardware

– software

– Consumer technology

– A specialized trading platform for mobile phone distributors

– Network and infrastructure security

– Datacenter or data center

– Big Data

– 3D printing (3D)

– smart cities

– Smart houses

– Smart work place

– Shipping in the future

– Drones and the drone

– robotic

The date of the GITEX Dubai Expo 2018

The GITEX Dubai Exhibition is scheduled to be held from November 26-29, 2018.

The exhibition is held at the Dubai World Trade Center, located on New York’s famous street, featuring news conferences and industry-specific conferences and workshops.

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