Persian Girls Smoking Cigaret More Than Before


Girls In Iran Smoking More Than Before

Cigar is a Spanish word derived from cigars in wrapping paper. This tobacco was used until the 18th century. It was a one-year-old crop of the American family of aubergines and native plants.

At the very beginning, The church and some states were opposed to being given as a gift to the Queen of England and became popular since 1560.
Some people believe that cigarette smoking is a kind of equality with men, which is why the display of its use, despite some social and cultural barriers for women, is a form of deconstruction, as most girls on average, aged 5/19 The cigarette smoke is that the number of smokers in the 11th and 12th regions of Tehran is higher than in other areas, which are often traditional.

At the same time, a group said love was a short madness, but tobacco consumption is a long-term madness. These positive thoughts continued toward tobacco, so that some people even believed that cigarette smoke for plague, cure for stomach ulcer and pain in labor, cancer treatment, and more. In 1604, tobacco use by King Jim For the lungs and respiratory tract, it was introduced as a harmful and toxic substance. Now, doctors discovered about 4,000 harmful substances in cigarettes.

The primary components of the social health puzzle are family-centered women. In countries where women have separated the family, the community has definitely been challenged. Care should be taken to address some issues, such as tobacco addiction or even tattoos Do not become socially worthwhile among women, the opportunity to excel participation and responsibility in women towards men should be taken seriously in order to reform society.

In the past, one of the factors that prevented cigarette smoke between girls and women was its cultural preferences; if someone smoked in an outdoors environment, he tried to hide it from others, but in recent years it has been lost. And we see that behind the wheel of the car, in the parks and public places of women, they consume cigarette without fear of society’s attitudes.

There are several reasons why women tend to smoke. One of the reasons for this is a gesture of cigarette smoking, which is believed to be rising by smoking their social class; this is one of the social misconceptions. Another reason for people to smoke is individual reasons; smoker parents, especially mothers and cousins, have a strong role in turning people, especially girls, into it. Environmental factors and social factors are not affected by this.

Another reason for cigarette smoking among women is the problem of obesity, which occasionally leads to cigarettes to escape from someone else’s. Unfortunately, some slimming institutions spread such livestock to young women. Indirect advertising, which says that smoking is causing weight loss, is an opportunity for some women to smoke.

At the smoking cessation clinic, we are faced with a desire to fit into the cigarette by smoking. Of course, scientifically, this is true; when he smokes, the center of appetite is suppressed, and the person’s individual vitality is also affected; when he quit smoking, he increases appetite and overestimates even in women after quitting. There are three to four kilograms of weight gain, which is lower in men. Although weight gain has some disadvantages, it is not comparable to that of cigarette smoke.

Light cigarettes are ultra-feminine, it’s a concept that tobacco companies have created in the community to smoke in the throats of women and girls; one of these tricks is the supply of low-harm cigarettes as light (light) and very lightweight (ultralight) It is offered at a higher price. This is one of the best practices of cigarette manufacturers and tobacco companies that offer their products with special tricks.

Various studies have shown that the majority of consumers of these cigarettes are women because they feel that they use less cigarette smoking, while those who smoke this type of cigarettes, like other nicotine addicts, have their body requirements with deeper packs and more cigarettes they do. It has been shown in various studies that many of the specific diseases, such as lung, oral and laryngeal cancers, are more common in developing these types of cigarettes. The same misconception is that the onset of cigarette smoking between girls has not reached the age of 15.

The effects of smoking in adolescence, adolescence, and adolescence are not significantly different, but the time to cause complications. Young people smoke because they want to be big and big, and in this era, the person is trying to show himself at an older age, and Proving that it has passed since childhood, some of our children suspect they have grown up with some gestures. This behavior is higher among teenage girls and young girls, and they show up with things such as women’s makeup and wearing inappropriate clothes and taking their cigarettes older than their real age.

Substances such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, and cytoremediates can cause egg implantation in the womb of a later and more malformed mother, and the formation of the placenta for the fetus in the mother’s womb is quite weak and disrupted, for this reason, in addition to the child’s growth It will not be enough, the delivery of these people will be risky and incomplete.

The significant point about the incidence of smoking in Iranian women is about 2 times higher than that of Iranian men. Women’s call to the national drug free counseling line is twice that of men, of which 76% are related to counseling and counseling in the field of treatment, 6% received prevention and 18% related to both.

We should not consider the dangers and effects of tobacco products only in smoking, but other tobacco products also have the same risks, for example, hookahs, and all the effects of smoking on the consumer. At the same time, it’s not that the person cigarettes and one month later lung cancer. If this was not the case, we did not have all the smokers. At the same time, the complications that occur after smoking are manifested in the long run, and in 10 to 15 years later, they show serious and serious chronic complications; in the middle ages. The course of complications comes from early onset and early onset. A person who starts smoking at age 12 is at 25 years old and faces serious complications in clinics.

In the UK, smoking is 23% for women and 21% for men. Women have been stealthily abducted by men through modernity. It is true that these fingers do not stick to Iranian kind and family-friendly women, although the idea of ​​cigarette smoking in our daughters was already far from expectation, but now it remains a fact that we prefer to take our own eyes on it and more to eliminate it. .


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