Types of Internet sites: information, commercial


This article reveals the understanding of what types of Internet sites are on the network, what their purpose and why they are needed for people.

Different types of websites on the Internet

On the Internet, there is a huge variety of web pages. Of these, there are useful that benefit visitors, and there are “garbage”, where in addition to information garbage there is nothing useful.

All websites on the Internet are distributed on two groups: commercial and information, is more detailed about them below.

Information websites

It is category of the websites that bear useful information for the people making search through search engines. To this category, also belong different service which provide certain services, calculations.

Government websites

The main in group of information pages in network, are the stateyny websites. In them takes place specialized useful materials, distributed on certain subjects. To it the web to pages belongs our website about finance.

Government websites

Media portals

The most advanced in this segment are news portals and other media resources. Which provide on their pages, the latest news and events in the world, in a particular region or company.

Online magazines

It is intended for the description of a certain subject in the form of the magazines which are posted online. They are often used for subjects of sport, finance, health, fashion.


The blog is online diaries of authors. They are public and private. In public blogs, all content is open for users, and in private, a part or all material is available on demand and is not open for all.


Provide certain services for users. Such services, can be: various calculators, programs of calculations, statistics, monitorings, exchangers.


The forum is a version a web of pages on which users can communicate among themselves on certain subjects or questions.


Commercial websites

These are resources which belong to the companies and provide certain goods or services.

Corporate websites

This is a page of the company, which contains material about their services or products. They have a small number of pages and disclose information about the activities of enterprises as much as possible.

Online stores

Online store is a resource that sells various goods and services. Online stores can be both thematic and diversified, offering its customers the maximum choice and range of products.

Commercial services

These are Internet resources that provide certain services, opportunities and services to their customers. They have a large variety:


Social networks

Social networks offer their customers the opportunity to maintain their own page, find friends on the network, communicate with each other both publicly and through personal (private) messages. The most famous are Facebook and VK.


Search engine
Provide the ability to use the search forms to find the desired material to the user. These include services such as Yandex, Google, Rambler, Bing and others.


Provide mainly search portals mentioned above. The essence of e-mail is to provide services to use their own e-mail box to receive and send letters via the Internet.


Provides the ability to create and manage a site. The most well-known, providing hosting services and buying domains are:





Thanks to hosting and there are web pages on the Internet.

Online exchangers of currencies

Online exchangers of currencies — are automatic or manual exchange of electronic currencies for cash or bank transfers. To it exchangers belong smartwm.ru, e-obmen.net and many others.


The websites auctions are the services suggesting to sell or buy old, not necessary things by means of exposure of lot on the website and its sale/purchase at the most favorable price. Such services are provided by the companies Avito, OLX.



The information specified in this article about the types of sites is basic and can be supplemented. But for a common understanding of the resources on the Internet, this material is enough.


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