How To Control Your Thoughts and Emotions


It’s your thought that creates you

Say by Blaise Pascal you are today what you thought of yesterday have brought to you and you will be tomorrow where the costs of today will take you. Did you know that on average we think around 60000 to 80000 pots a day.

Too much isn’t it. But this also means that the quality of our pots is responsible to create our belief system which is in greater is responsible for how we feel about our particular situation or person.

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Don’t you feel on a day to day basis is determined solely by how you take. Always remember that taking is not that happens to you. It is something that you do.

Yes , it is something that you do intentionally he it the innate nature of human beings that we should blame other people or our circumstances from making us angry stressed sad disgusted depressed and etc.

This for other means are some secret behavior and also determines how we react to a particular person or a particular situation. We are so resigned to the mental side of our life.

We have a tendency to accept the stressors that life throws at us then sometimes we try and deal them or complain about the work and the cycle continues.

Just as you take actions for your physical well-being you should be doing the same for your mental well-being as well. Because you are what you think whether it’s your personal life or your professional life.

There is no question that satisfaction and success will come only when your thoughts are right.

How will take will determine what you do in the outside world and also determine how you react to what life throws at you. That is your experiences.

You first need to know how to control your thoughts therefore it will be helpful for you to know how the process begins and where it can take you.

Every thought you have uses a biochemical reactions with some reacting more than others depending on the emotional intensity of the thought.

The mind and body are very much like taking generates chemicals . but some chemicals are there to help you and some will harm you. when you continually live with psychological stress the constant release of chemicals from the emotions.

we are experiencing takes its toll on our health over time and you will see the negative emotions along with a host of others that you experience every day are responsible for wesay an onslaught of damaging chemicals that not only affect you in the moment but linger a long time.

You must be familiar with becoming ill of having that feeling unwell last after you experienced difficulties.when you have to grapple with negative thoughts in response to a difficult situation and the consequent effect, it has on your immune system that is to become you.

Do you feel unwell.Conversely you also are really good and positive because when you experience parts which generate positive emotions and enhance your mental and physical state.

this trend that your immune system and its fighting capabilities so long has often as you can.

Have you heard this.Yes that’s what it means.So the more negative thought you the worse you fear which causes you to have more negative thoughts.which further makes you feel even more worse.

The more positive thoughts you have the better you feel which causes you to have more positive thoughts in return which makes you feel even more better.So this is a vicious circle.


You take about negative thoughts you feel worse your pain good but you free.Best the taking cycle.Think good thoughts generate good conditions generate good chemicals and you feel great.

on the other hand pay costs generate that emotions that generate that goes hand which in return makes you feel miserable.

So it’s in your hand whether you want to change your top shape or you want to feel and bring your content tater tots to once a day and more fruitful awash in.

You Create Your Own Thoughts

You create your own parts. If you are thinking depressing or fearful or guilty or angry thoughts you are actually hurting yourself. Nobody else is doing it to you it’s self-inflicted.

I know when I pointed this out to people after an automated initial resistance they begin to realize that it’s absolutely true the power that exist is with your own mind. It is you who are the creator of your thoughts.

So the power of injecting I have caught this completely in your hands.

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Your cards do not have the power to hurt you unless you give them the power. How their experience of being somewhere and having a great time. Maybe a friends party and feeling great about yourself and the whole world around you.

Out of nothing something you see or hear brings up a memory from the past. And in most US of A second you can go from feeling good to feeling depressed or fighting or angry.

If you follow that train of negative thoughts that come out of nowhere be the controller of your own thoughts. It can lead to more of the same type of thoughts and that’s why begins. Suddenly you are off on a tour of despair and you haven’t even left the party by becoming aware of your thoughts.

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You gradually learn how to let the thoughts go. It’s a habit and it will take time to change course. If you are unaware that it’s you who are the one responsible for your own pain the process just carries on to out your life and makes you feel more and more miserable at the time.

Remember you are the master of your thoughts and you have the utmost power to control the for your own good. You might be taking. She is just telling us to do something which is not so possible easy for everyone to follow. No what ever I am talking about in this course is absolutely doable for each and everybody of them.

What you need is OK.Just have a belief that you can do it.Well let’s do a simple exercise. Sit back for 30 seconds and listen to your mind. I know. Just try to serve your parts as an observer but be careful. Don’t get trinary wig in good part in case he jumps up.

Let’s start. Not slowly come out of the passive state. Isn’t it amazing how you were able to watch your thoughts from that experiment. You must have realized that you all the most authority to control your mind and hearts with this. Let’s move on to our next meal on how to conquer your thoughts be the conqueror of your thoughts from other than being a victim.


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