Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts

your beliefs

Your Beliefs Lead to Your Destiny


“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Have you ever thought what causes someone to persist when others would give up. What causes a person to focus and utilize all your resources.

What’s the goal.

What ultimately creates a difference between happiness and despair.Azarias beliefs yes.It’s your beliefs on eye to eye on a lot of crazy methods to improve my belief structure.Most of them don’t work very well.Some of them weren’t complete garbage.


But in trying and failing to change my belief with all these methods I slowly found the right system for changing my beliefs changing beliefs isn’t easy.Despite what some authors and speakers tell you deeply ingrained beliefs aren’t going to disappear with one magical technique or method.

But if your happiness and success is important to you it can be done.Yes the good news is it can be done.
Let me ask you a question.Have you ever had a bad day just because you woke up late.

Sounds familiar right.We all have these day isn’t it.Now just think for a few seconds and try to recollect and write the thoughts you have had on that particular very bad tea and now think about the day when you woke up with the great news and that your whole day became one of the best day of your life.

We all did great things happening back to back to our city.I can ask you to recollect and write your thoughts on that day as well.Well now look at both the columns.Did you notice that the battery was the majority of the negative part and the great D had majority of them positive and fruitful parts.

That simple it is change your thinking and create a new life for yourself.Well now the most important question here is how do you find beliefs to change in the first place.


There are beliefs that are so firmly rooted in your society that you wouldn’t even notice them.Why do you believe that if you sit on your chair it won’t collapse because of a belief that the chair is stable.

There are many ways that you can begin the process of finding damaging beliefs.For myself the best way has always been reading and listening to material from very successful people in those fields.

But don’t worry I’m not going to ask you to go.And in that sense a hundred so are to acquire this powerful changing habit.

What you see on the face of most of the successful leaders Ankara’s often fear can keep you from finding negative beliefs.If you believe that you are unworthy of a relationship.This belief may be hard to get rid of.

Why.Because then you wouldn’t have to admit that for all that time in the past would have been in a relationship.If it wasn’t for such a stupid belief like your past is the past move to the now and those beliefs that are wanting you back in the source you will learn the tools and techniques on how you can change and modulate your thought process to have a happy peaceful mind.

In this post I am going to talk in detail about how you can create and you can change your own belief system and top brass is too high overall happier for life.

There is no tomorrow.

Today is the day to take action for your life and change it for the good.

I had a breakthrough in what ever you think that will take you back.Let’s get started and shake and have a breakthrough on your personal and professional life that your belief system change.
Let’s get started.

Love Yourself , Love Your Life

Live the life you want to live , not the life you pay you are supposed to live. let go of who you think you are meant to be and be who you truly are and the right people will love you for it. And people who criticize don’t need to be there.They are better off your life.

Love Yourself

So many people live to please others while sacrificing their own happiness may be less than they deserve , because they do believe they are worthy of more.They change themselves to suit someone else’s expectations wants and needs.

They make excuses for other people treating them badly or worse.They convince themselves that they deserve to be treated that way and go on allowing it.It’s not their fault.

They don’t even know any different and don’t even realize how bad their situation has become.

The good people have heart.

I used to be this person but I decided I was worth more and deserve better.It’s time to truly believe in it but I have to take that first step to getting there.I had to take control and learn to say no to people.

I had to stop telling people what I did and what I did except from them.I had to stop being up pushover and stop allowing people to treat me poorly.You gotta control how others treat you.

But what you can do is put barriers and boundaries around how much they are in your life.Although this one’s really hard to do specially why having no self-worth.

But I always try to treat myself just as I would treat someone I love , like my mother , my best friend,my brothers and sisters.

Who ever thought why it’s so easy to love and care about them.But hard to do the same thing for hours.Yes our own self-talk talk when some time holds so bad for us.

Learn to love yourself and care about yourself is the most precious gift you can give yourself and your loved ones.

care about yourself

And if you have any questions or doubts write to me and I will do my best to help you with answers and encouragement.


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