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Hezarpa Full Movie directed by Abolhassan Davoudi, produced by Reza Rakhshan and authored by Amir Baradaran, Peshan Zazani and Mustafa Zandi in the year 1396.

Hezarpa Full Movie is in Persian style in the style of comedy and product of Iran.

Hezarpa Full Movie is the best-selling film in the history of Iranian cinema.

Exhibits and sales

Hezarpa was released on Iranian TV cinemas July 13, 1397. Since the third week of its release (July 29, 1397), the Visual Basic had to change in DCP (about 1 minute reduction in time) due to the release of the currently running version with the version displayed to the cinematic and audiovisual organization.

In the fifth week of its release, the film won the title of the best-selling film in Iran’s cinema history.

It sold over 30 billion USD in less than two months and became the first 30 billion film of Iran’s cinema.

Also in the first 45 days By breaking the record of the city of Mice 2, it became the most feature film of the 1990s with more than 4 million spectators.

Due to the lack of accurate statistics from Iranian cinema audiences over the past decades, it is not possible to compare the audience with the rest of the decades, But it is likely to be one thousand most prominent film in Iranian cinema history.


Reza (Reza Attar) and his friend Mansour (Javad Kazemi), who are busy with the decision, through his mother finds out that a wealthy girl has vowed to marry an injured veteran, so that Reza, who lost her foot in a crash, decides to Reza comes to the sanatorium where the daughter of the director is there.

Reza tries to attract the girl by saying different lies. Reza, with the help of Mansour, is interested in the girl.

On the other hand, Reza claims that she was in war The imposition of the commander of one Iraqi group killed him for a great deal of trouble And …




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