Under The Skin Of The City ( zire pooste shahr )

under the skin of city

Under The Skin Of The City ( zire pooste shahr ) is the ninth Iranian drama film directed by Rakhshan Bani-E’temad in 2000.It was entered into the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival where it won the Special Golden St.George.

zire pooste shahr


Under The Skin Of The City ( zire pooste shahr ) movie is a social genre. Touba, a woman who has a poor life,Unlike her husband’s belief Mahmoud and his elder son, Abbas, likes to live in the same small house.

The little boy, Tarih Ali, who teaches his mother, is interested in his country’s political affairs in the midst of the sixth parliamentary elections, and he is involved in electoral activities, and from time to time he takes his place in a police station.

Abbas, who is dreaming of traveling to Japan and working in a garment works for a girl in the love of love, the older daughter of a family who carries her mother’s house after beating her husband with her little daughter, but later by interrogating Touba Returns to his home.

zire poste shahr

Abbas and his father, in the absence of Tuba, give the house the architect document that the buyer of the house.

While Maryam Khanum, a neighbor and colleague of Touba at the factory, is preparing her wedding ceremony for her older daughter, Masoumeh, her young daughter, runs away from her home because of a beard that she had taken home from her brother because of her lateness.

Mahboubeh, a small daughter of Touba that Masoumeh visit him in the park, but was arrested by the police and police meet is taken.

Touba who wants to release her daughter in a police station on the Cabala, finds that the Cabala is not at home. The girl to the house.

The company gets a false visa and Abbas gets smuggled. He goes to Urmia, and Ali, who suspects his sudden decision, rides secretly behind his pickup truck and finds out that he is going to deliver clothes that embeds drugs among them.

Ali throws her clothes off, Abbas beats her severely after finding her brother behind the pickup truck, but then returns together.

Tooba goes to his hideout to visit Abbas. Abbas’s owner is looking for him, but he escapes with the help of his mother. In the end, Toubi talks to the camera on the election day and tells them that it’s best to take pictures of his heart.

Rakhshan Bani Etemad

Rakhshan Bani Etemad is an internationally and critically acclaimed Iranian film director and screenwriter.


Her films in international festivals are located inside Iran also admired and have been able to attract the attention of the spectators and critics.

Her title as “First Lady of Iranian Cinema” is not only a reference to her prominence as a filmmaker, but also connotes her social role of merging politics and family in her work.

On November 18, 2018, and after the second round of US sanctions against Iran, Rakhshan Banayatmad, and a number of artists, activists, cultural activists and Iranian journalists, signed open names and launched a campaign against unilateral US sanctions, called on the “people of the world” to refrain from sanctions They will be together.


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