Terminal 2018 Movie + Farsi Subtitle


Terminal 2018 Movie + Farsi Subtitle

Terminal movie directed by Van Stein product of 2018 and the production and Margot Robbie as the main character and four sub-man character played by Simon Peg, Dexter Fletcher, Mike.

The story begins with a thick accent of Margot Robbie English sentences from the author of the famous book “Alice in Wonderland” says somewhere on earth that is not found anywhere like that. A land full of wonder, mystery and danger.

Some say to survive of it should be like (personality in the book Alice in Wonderland), which fortunately I am crazy.

And in the next scene Margot Robbie with black hair, Emerald eyes and red lips in the smoker and he confessed to a priest sitting on demand.

This beautiful mysterious to contract with a man that we hear only the sound artificial and Robbie to the promise of the field in this man, and instead seek cooperation with him.


Maybe seeing this scene you can decide that you want to see the movie “Terminal” or not. A world of darkness, violence and mystery. The film with an average score of 24 on the rotten Tomatoes and score 5. 2 Good Luck between the audience and the critics on imdb.

The initial evidence suggests that we are not right with the film, but after watching the movie, I came to the conclusion that “Terminal” is strongly dependent on the taste and the imagination of the audience and somehow feed.

“Terminal” is an exciting drama that is highly dependent on the taste and the imagination of the audience and somehow will supply.

The movie “Terminal” is an exciting drama, violence, murder, loyalty and betrayal in an unknown city, full of bright boards, connected to the old cafes.

The life of a teacher of literature is death called Bill (played by Simon Peg), two professional assassin, Vince and Alfred (Dexter Fletcher and max) and disabled metro services (Mike) is tied to the life of Annie (Margot Robbie) that sometimes the waiter, and sometimes the interface of professional killers.

Each part of the story goes as far as the explosion and the final surprise.

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