List of Iranian TV Series 2018

Iranian TV Series

In recent years, Iranian TV Series has become popular.Due to the Video Sharing Websites and YouTube, Iranian TV Series are easily accessible.In most cases, Iranian TV Series will be available for download or can be watched on sharing websites like YouTube.In this article we will introduce the most popular Iranian serials.




Shahrzad series can be considered the best-selling and most spectacular series of Iran’s home screen.Shahrzad is written by Hassan Fathi and Naghmeh Samini and directed by Hassan Fathi in 1394.

The series was broadcast on a weekly basis through movie venues throughout Iran.

The Celebration of Shahrzad was held on April 26, 2015 at the Milad Tower Concert Center, the ticket was sold in 45 minutes.

The series was shot in Ghazali Cinematic Town in the western part of Tehran.




Dorehami is an Iranian TV Series currently directed by Mehran Modiri.With the greatest attraction of the audience in the studio space, “Dorehami” invites many Iranian people.

The “Dorehami” a week before the recording, with the publication of the Call for registration on the main page of Instagram, the audience to attend the program.

But with a high audience admittance and a 3,000-person registration, the end of this call was announced very soon, and until the last notice, access to the sign-up page has been closed and it has to wait for the new recall.




“Khandevaneh”, the name of the television program is directed by rambod javan.
rambod in every part with prominent figures of cinema, television, sports, politics and talk about laughter and joy.

The program is focusing on showing that there should not be any reason not to laugh using various acts such as stand-up comedy.

The program is made up of audiences who have been laughing at and tested by the applicants and are smiling during the program, and they are called the “jurors’ board”.




Mamnooe, Iranian TV Series directed by Amir Pourkian and producer of Ali Akbar Najafi , the product of 1397.

Mamnooe narrates the story of three generations simultaneously and continuously from the concerns of youth today to harming family and social issues.

Season 1 of Mamnooe premiered on August 27, 2018.




Golshifteh is a collection of drama directed by Behrooz Shoebi, a product of 1396. This comedy collection has been staged by Ali Akbar Najafi on December 28, 2012 in Yazd, Tehran, and in parts of Karaj city. This series will be played on Wednesday every week.

The story is about four women with multiple problems.Goli Delgosha is ranked first in the exam and with his father Habib Delgosha from Yazd to Tehran to go to the school of architecture in Tehran ,but Goli and his father on the independence of the Goli.

Rahele Golshifteh is the head of the School of Architecture in Tehran, who disagrees with her husband, Fouad Afshar, who is the Deputy Minister of Sports, over the independence and success of women in society.

Mozhgan Mirzai is a Wushu athlete who has been selected for the Bulgarian Olympic Games, but her husband, Zia Sharifi, only has difficulty going abroad, and believes that her eyelids should adhere to her maternal duties. The right wing is also a girl who has just changed His gender and his brother, Vahid, right after his father’s death, all his inheritance and his legacy has not increased.


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