Watch English Movies Online With English Subtitles


Watch English Movies Online With English Subtitles

Watch English Movies Online With English Subtitles by phone and computer is easy to do, and we’ll explain how to do it.

Usually, to download video files like movies and series, we go to direct links and download them from there. In this case, we should wait for downloading files to be completed and then watch them.

But there’s another way to Watch English Movies Online and stream them online directly through the same link.

Watch English Movies Online on the phone

To do this, you need an Android phone as well as a popular MX Player application. Follow the steps below:

1.After downloading and installing MX Player, run it.
2.Click on the three dot icon.


3.Select the Network stream option.


4.Place the link of the theatrical video you want to watch online without downloading, in the existing box.

5.Finally, click OK.


In this case, you move the app’s screen and you can stream video and watch online. At this time, the ability to back and forth the film will be available to you.

Film streaming english files on a computer

You also need a side-by-side program on the computer. VLC is one of the best in the field. Follow the steps below:

1.Download and install the VLC application.
2.After installing the application, select the Open network stream option from the Media menu.


3.Enter the link address in the existing box.


Using this feature is very useful when you have a memory defect, and on the other hand you want to see your favorite movies and serials. Be careful that the quality of the video being played does not change due to your internet speed.

Google subtitles YouTube videos

Youtube announced that all videos uploaded to YouTube will automatically be subtitled.

All users of this website can use the “auto subtitles” feature on this website.

Using YouTube Subtitle feature users can add their subtitles to other languages by adding subtitles to YouTube.


Google has announced that Auto-Captioning has used various algorithms to find out what language is being used in the movie, and when it’s customized for YouTube’s auto subtitles. It will appear in the movie like a subtitle below the movie.

Youtube also used the feature in its Voice Search section, and the subtitle capability was limited to a small portion of the videos posted on this video by some of YouTube’s major contributors.


Google has also said it will take full advantage of YouTube’s caption capability for all YouTube videos, and YouTube has also helped its users complete this process as soon as possible and take advantage of all the available movie submissions.


YouTube has been asking its users to help highlight YouTube video captioning as a priority when watching the movie by pressing the translation request key next to each video clip on the site.

Open subtitles on youtube

Well, we’ve made it easier for us to work, we do not have to download the file, and then look at the subtitles. You can watch the video on the YouTube site with the Persian subtitle

  1.  Enter the YouTube site and login (you will be logged in to your Google account)
  2. Select the video you want, then enter the video stenting and enter the subtitle and select the add
  3. Wait for the page to go, then click on the select language option and click English and click on English.
  4. Tap the action button, then select the subtitle file and the file
  5. Completed. Your video has subtitles. Enjoy the video


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