Iranian TV Series Banooye emarat (بانوی عمارت)


Banooye emarat (بانوی عمارت) Television Series

Banooye emarat (بانوی عمارت), the name of an Iranian television series produced by Majid Molayi and directed by Azizullah Hamid Nezhad, and written by Ehsan Javanmard, was created in 2018.

The series will be broadcast from Sima’s network of Nov 1397 and its titrator is Mohsen Chavoshi. Tehran, Kashan are the cities where this TV series was shot.

Before the broadcast of the “بانوی عمارت” series, some actors appeared through the call for action in the series.

After some time, some with the abuse of the name of this television series, with the receipt of the money promising to attend the collection with actors who public relations announced that the series “بانوی عمارت” has not paid any amount as an act of testing or investment of no interest.

Banooye Emarat



The story tells the romantic melodrama of the historical period of the Qajar period, which in its lower layers addresses the social and political conditions of that time.


Maryam Momen


Maryam Momen (born in 1998 – Tehran) is an Iranian actor. For the first time in the historic Banooye emarat, which is broadcast in the fall of 97, the play is played by Fakhr al-Zaman.

Pantea Panahiha

Pantea Panahiha

Panteh Panahiha (born 1979 – Tehran) is an Iranian actress and scene manager. She has been dancing with you along with Saber Cloud with Mahyar Alizadeh on the album in Flame.

Hesam Manzoor


Hesam-e-Moghad, born on December 18, 1359 in Tehran, is a graduate of the master’s degree from Tarbiat Modarres University, is also a director of theater’s theater, and is also an acting teacher.

Andisheh Fooladvand


Fooladvand’s Thoughts (born October 7, 1982 in Tehran) is a poet, actor, television, theater and musician of Iran.

His first professional appearance in the cinema is “Silver” in the film directed by Massoud Kimayee on Friday. He has played for the Holy Mary, three episodes of stars, rock scissors, quadrangles, St. Petersburg, and Windsor.

Ghazal Shakeri

Ghazal Shakeri is an Iranian costume designer and actor. He began his career in cinema from the year 1366 with the film directed by Cambyses Radio. He is best known for playing Gelnar in a movie of the same name.

Ramtin Khodapanahi

Ramtene Khodapanahi, director, actor and teacher of cinema and television, was born in 1350 in an artistic family in Gorgan.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in acting from the Islamic Azad University of Arak Branch and a master’s degree student in directing and teaching, and is a faculty member at the Azad University of Arak Branch.

Mina Vahid

Mina Vahid (born on Aug. 17, 1366 in Rasht) holds a master’s degree in theater and actor of Iranian cinema and television. His fame in the cinema was featured in the movie Alyssa, directed by Alireza Raisian, a film that was nominated for the Seven Crystal Simorgs from the Fajr Festival. He has also played in the Shahrzad series.


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