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Watch Online Ghanoon Morfi Full Movie( قانون مورفی )

Ghanoon Morfi is a movie in the comedy genre directed by Rambod Javan, released on January 12, 1397.

The story was that Bahman’s daughter, Sarah, was stolen and Farrokh goes to help her to the Shomal, and she is going through a lot of things.

The cinematic movie, which Amir Jaani, Amir Jafari, Hadi Kazemi and Ramdad Young as an actor, featured in 101 cinemas last week, the first week of its release, and sold one billion and 396 million tomans.



Rambod Javan


Young Ramdad was born on December 1, 1350 from a traditional family in Tehran with Azerbaijani originality.

He began his artistic career in theater, television and cinema, respectively.

He has played in eleven feature films. He played a role in a part of the popular TV series ” wives “, which led to his high profile in the Green House television series Farid Sabahi.

“Farid Jinglelbard” is a name Rambod famous for some time during the 1970s.


The roles played by RamBod in cinema and television are mostly humorous.

Young Ramdad married Sahar Dollahshahi March 27, 2008, and was detained in 2014.He married Negar Jehaverian two years later.

Rambod Javan has made and directed a locally famous TV program, Khandevane.

Soroush Sehhat

soroush sehat

Soroush Sehhat born on November 29, 1965 in Rasht, is an Iranian director, screenwriter and actor.

He started playing the cinema in 1999 with “Sharareh” directed by Siamak Shamqi. His last name was “Nahini’s correctness,” but he said he had changed it.

Amir Jadidi

amir jadidi

Amir Jadidi (born 21 June 1984 / Tehran) is an Iranian actor.

He began his cinematic career since 1389 with Hooman Sidi’s African film.

He graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Azad University and holds an MA in MBA, and is pursuing art activities in the field of tennis.

He also won the Best Actor Award for the Tange Hormoz and Cold Sweat (1396 Movies) from the Fajr Film Festival.




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