These Cats Have A Huge Collection Of Hats Made Out Of Their Shed Fur 4


If the nutrients are not digested well and are of poor quality, not only will they be unavailable to meet the body’s needs, but they will also cause the liver and kidneys to work harder to eliminate the indigestible waste products. The ideal diet should be individualized to your cat’s specific life stage (i.e., kitten, adult, senior) and health status. In all cases, quality and balance are the keys to good nutrition. A cat whose diet is inadequate to meet her dietary needs will have a dull, dry hair coat and will often shed excessively.

For more information about cat nutrition related to specific conditions or life stages, it is recommended that you read the appropriate it is recommended that you read the appropriate client education handouts and discuss the best nutrition plan for your cat with your veterinarian.


Many skin conditions affect both the shininess and the appearance of your cat’s fur. Allergic skin disease and seborrhea cause itching and changes in the normal production of skin oils, resulting in a dull coat and excessive shedding, either in patches or over the entire body.


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