Sheeple 2018


In this film, we are witnessing the narrative of a family in the simplest moments of their lives are a kind of violence. But how much of the violence claiming the film has the right payment and can be taken seriously or human relation with it?

Previously, we have seen that many films in the cinema of Iran with the camera is one of the worst places and humiliating narrative of a few people bad ethics, try hitting the black audience and in the best case, begging his tears have.

But fortunately, the central issue in “small brains rusty” at all, but violence is not black and its relation with violence; and this alone made the Sidi, a step ahead of other films of blackness.

But the problem starts from where exactly the film that the issue of violence and its relation with the characters and naturally Mai audience, so that should not be taken seriously by the movie.

The movie with the talk of Shahin (Navid Mohammadzadeh) begins with the full presence in most of the scenes of the story can expect that he is the main subject of the story and we also follow the story from his point of view.


Unfortunately, the point you see that leads to our sympathy with him, not seen in directing and characterization. What we see from Shahin at best a talkative person and sometimes funny that these attributes may cause him merely a brigade “cool” but we know nothing of him.

For example, when he wants to take the boy’s ear, doubt, and ultimately does not do this and we will realize that violence is not actually in his essence, but this feature in directing.

A more accurate statement, to the point of view of the image of the way. Just know that the inner spirits Shahin with violence that in the words of the completely contradictory, but this contradiction in personality and in the image.

In the sequence of the shahin, his camera on pause, and this is his inner conflict and raisins in the weak. The lack of turning point of view and the inner spirits Shahin image has led many of his work is unbelievable.

Worse than that, none of these behaviors are not serious, origin; on the contrary, what place characterization in the characterization of the shahin, verbal violence is funny tone.

In most moments of the film characters constantly insults and to give, and the tone and rhythm very fast film, makes this so-called verbal violence sometimes take the color of comedy, but when we get into the serious movie, the tone of the film from joking to serious change.

For example, when shahin in the Van is busy dirty sun or sequence, after the screaming of his friend in the coffee house hug, completely comedy effects.

In the situation when serious murder sister is happening, under the blanket hide and passivity of the Shahin more comedy is ridiculous.

In most moments of the film characters constantly insults and to give, and the tone and rhythm very fast film, makes this so-called verbal violence sometimes take comedy color

When the dominant tone during the comedy movie – or at best joke – serious situations, and make unwanted comedy film inadvertently – or perhaps deliberately! – Some serious situation into comedy.

Remember that the plan of the father after the death of his wife, fist in his pocket into the dates with the craving! This plan with the plan over the body of his wife crying does not fit in at all.

So with this serious situations and jokes, how should the consequences for serious issues in his film means seriously?

I remember many in the cinema in the sequence of dealing hawk in hairdressing, loud laughter! Really, there was something to laugh at that sequence but this reaction is not without reason; Mai audience audience only Shahin and his work through the crazy games we saw, in the simplest moments of non-comedy and comedy is still thought of him.

This confirmation is a problem that I mentioned earlier. When the tone of the comic film, most serious situations make unwanted comedy. In fact, where should a little characterization and stimulate the audience sympathy, become the talk of the sound that they can only smile and nothing more.

For example, smaller brother that we do not know anything of him except a dispute that is not shown, how is at once decided to stifle her sister.Or a mother who after the disappearance of her daughter, suddenly raised from the bed and curses and insults that.The final third of the film or friend Shahin, abandoned his cause, and in the movie, the whole is uncertain.

We do not know that we want anything serious of these people take their work seriously. But Navid Mohammadzadeh, which unfortunately still remains in place, the game type cast is good; especially Farhad Aslani, so that should provide a good tip.


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