maghzhaye kochak zang zadeh

mahjzhaye koochake zang zadeh

Maghzhaye kochake zang zadeh 2018

The critique of the movie is that the rusty little brain is important because it has a different effect on the films of recent years in Iran’s cinema, which narrates and tells its story without being polluted by blackmail and slogans, and its almost tight script alongside strong players’ , It has become a spectacular work worthy of appreciation.

Hoen Seiden has been able to act as an actor in the field of acting, and has proven himself in directing. He first unveiled his latest film at Fajr Festival last year and was able to capture the views of the audience and critics. SeiDi films have so far been able to capture international film standards in a kind of beautiful Iranian film and do not cover the so-called foreign films, but rather make a Hollywood film about Iran and, at best, portrays it.

Iranian cinema

maghzhaye koochake zang zadeh“Razorous little brains” Like other cinematic films, Iranian cinema has not been repeatedly abandoned in recent days, and it does not occur in the genres and styles of these cinematic days. Most of the films made in our country in recent years have been based on the style of Farhadi films, or are slogans that, in the form of a social drama, take on a pseudo-documentary genre (comedy films that are always the jeans of Iran’s cinema) Get it too)

Homay Seyyed’s latest work for herself is an independent film that can introduce a new style to Iranian cinema where directors sit there. Perhaps the tiny rusty minds can be liked by many young Iranian directors who can not create it and have clichés and captive lines of Hollywood screenplays that are too bold and out of screen script.

It can be said that during these years, few people like Mani Haghi have been able to reach this level of narration, and in some of their works, to a similar extent, they have a cinematic narrative that is similar to international standards but in a very native atmosphere.

In the rumored little brain, it is safe to assert that Hooman Seyyed has crossed the proximity of the cinema of the world and Iran, making precisely the film that attracts both the general audience and the particular audience. It is hard to reach the tastes of both of these circles in Iranian society, with less directing.

Watch the movie Rusty little brain teasers

Iranian directors of the new generation

Fortunately, new productions of Iranian directors of the new generation of cinema are more than cinematography directors of the country a few years ago, this country has taken this issue into consideration.

Films like eternity and one day, and now the rusty little brains are examples of these successes and create a national reconciliation between the audience and the critics, which finding it on the international scale is hard work and in Iran, as it was said, due to the tastes of the Expert make all audiences harder.

Watch the movie Rusty little brain teasers

The film begins in a hawkabadi near Tehran, and the narrator is a young man in the castle that works for a man named Shakur (played by Farhad Aslani). The job of this bang is to protect the Shakur drug store and his corrupt empire in the region.

Shahin (played by Navid Mohammadzadeh) is Shukur’s younger brother, who is a bit retarded, so Shakur does not give him any important work. Shahroz, the younger brother of the two, whose age is not 15 years old, is more reliable than Shakur, and this hurts the hawk. The sister of these three brothers, Shahreh, also works in a hairdresser, and the fate of the Hawk games does not affect the makeup model and his brigade. The situation is shaky when a movie is broadcast on the mobile phones, and the police are turning off the kitchen. Watch the movie Rusty little brain teasers

Film’s cast

maghzahye koochake zang zadehThe film’s cast from its stars to sub-sequences has all been an extraordinary game. Nawid Mohammadzadeh, despite having a repetitive game, still plays the role of a ticked nerve, but shows the springs to pay for his character that covers this repetition.

Watch the movie Rusty little brain teasers

Perhaps, it would be better if Mohammad Zadeh, as he played in different types of theatrical, played a slightly different role in choosing his cinematic roles so as not to overdo it, something that, in my opinion, happened to some extent to Hamed Behdad, and to be repeated Its kind of play in some cases results in a lack of progression of the actor.

It should be said that, apart from Nawid Mohammad Zadeh, party casters such as Nazanin Bayati, in the short term, add to the power of the film acting team, and this can be the sole winner of a film. Farhad Aslani and even the young filmmaker who plays Shahozar shines, and now add to this brilliance the living humane Sydney script that is full of content and does not show any kind of chanting and black-hole.


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