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Mosadereh Full Movie Online (فیلم مصادره)


Mosadereh is the first movie of Mehran Ahmadi as a director and authored by Ali Forghani and produced by Mohammad Hossein Ghasemi.

Mosadereh Movie (فیلم مصادره) was the product of the year 2010 and was released on March 23, in Iranian cinemas.


The story begins in the 1350s and is the story of a Savage that is called Ismail Yarjanlou (Reza Attar), who is involved in adventures.


He who is a SAVAK employee is a national winner by buying a lottery ticket. He bought a land of 5,000 meters in Abbasabad, with the money he received, and due to the fall of the Shah and the 1979 Revolution, he was forced to leave the country and gave his landlord a gift to his friend Jalal Khavandi (Babak Hamidian).


Reza Attaran as Ismail Yarjanlou
Hoan Sidi in the role of Zakki (Zakaria) Yarjanlou
Babak Hamidian as Jalal Khavandi
Mazdak Mir Abedini as Rodrigo
Mirjam Mazlomi in the role of Sikapur
Melina Immigrants in the role of Clement
Alisa Milkestian in the role of Mary (Mary)
Hadi Kazemi as Bagheri
Mehran Ahmadi in the role of Jorge, the son of Rudigo
Amir Sadra Haqqani as a child of Zaki
Harmik Sokhomonian in the role of Jorkh’s childhood


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