Iranian Tv Series mamnooe


Mamnooe TV Series

Mamnooe narrates the story of three generations simultaneously, from the concerns of youth today to the damage to family and social issues. Part IX of the Banned Serial is currently posted on the Friendship Site.

Mamnooe Cast

Amir Jafari, Hadi Hejazifar, Elaheh Hesari, Sogol Khaleghi, Anahita Doroghi, Niloofar Rajaeifar, Leila Zare, Nima Shabanjadeh, Shahram Ghaedi, Mostafa Ghadiri Paper language: Persian Abstract: Background and Aim: , Nikki Karimi, Milad Kimram, Fatemeh Goudarzi, Majid Mozaffari, Nasrin Nikisa and Shida Yousefi





Script writers Ali Asghar and M. Cyrus come, first assistant director and planner: Hamid sharifinia, Director of Photography: Abolfazl vegetable, Sound: M. Shahverdi, costume designer: Abtin electric, designer Makeup Inspiration Atyabi, Production Director: F. Sadat Khalili, director of logistics: tomaj Goudarzi, finance Mehdi Jamshidi, photographers: Hanieh Zahid Ali anvil, the cameraman behind the scenes: Mahmoud Javanshir, secretaries scene: A. J., broadcast media Corp IIS server


The story of the ninth chapter of the banned series; what happened in the eighth part?

After the eighth part, the “mamnooe” narrative is a curvy trick.

Now we stand in the same place that we do not know the motive of the characters, and not even on each side.

“mamnooe”, with clues in the corners of the narrative, reveals the bigger game and the strange story that awaits us, most notably Sami’s point in talking to his father that he is not his true son.


In general, until now, the character of Tarraghi has been one of the most attractive “forbidden” characters. It can be said that this episode of Sami and Father’s encounter is one of the most important sequences we have ever seen.

The cold-blooded confession falls on a child who carries the complexes and aspirations of many years, and for the last time, to his father, the father who orders to beat him to stop the pond, the father who earlier married Sami for his own purposes It’s a song, and the father who is worried about his empire has an opportunity to give birth to him.






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