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Since the 1970s, Iranian Cinema has gained a modern narrative with the Iranian New Wave. The concept of country of Iran can not catch a kind of theater directors have contributed to the country of Turkey.

Despite all the pressure, censorship and punishment. Iranian cinema is still a big enlightenment against the administrative regime that it has been experiencing a great enlightenment of art and cinema as a great power has been used and continues to use.


Emir Ali and Nushin are two young people who love each other and want to marry. Because their parents are against it, they both want to win in a draw and get a green card and live in America.

Şam Saatine Göre

An Iranian pilot and co-pilot who took control of his son in Syria by ISIS, the film, ISIS, etc., the Resistance Axis. the struggle against terror organizations and sacrifices.


Colonel Haydar, a member of the conservation unit, saves an official from assassination. Then he starts to question his profession.

Melekler Hep Birlikte İner

Ahmet is a young cleric who leads a quiet life with his wife. However, a new cycle begins in her life when she becomes aware of her husband’s pregnancy. Due to economic pressures, it is proposed to work in different jobs …

Ben Salvador Değilim

Nasır İzedi and his wife are invited to Brazil by a tourism company. Angela, a Brazilian woman, thinks Nasir is her ex-fiancee. This makes the trip for the Iranian couple difficult.

Salaam Mumbai

Ali is an Iranian university student studying medicine in India under the student exchange program. One day he saves his classmate Karishma’s life and …

Sonsuzluk ve Bir Gün

The youngest daughter of a poor family, Sümeyye, is about to marry. However, every member of the family is contemplating what they will do on their own after they go to Sumey.


Emir of Alzheimer’s disease occurs November after years. But among those who do not want to forget themselves and want to forget.

Kadim Komşumuz İran

The documentary series “Ancient Neighboring Iran” prepared and presented by ON4 TV.


John returns to Paris four years later to complete the divorce with his French wife, Marie; he sees that Samir and his wife are comatose. Marie’s daughter doesn’t like Samir.

Rüsvai 2

“Shake yourselves and shake yourselves, before Allah shakes you with compassion.” Hacı Yusuf’s words to the public and the rulers and the words of the divine punishment of the country confuses the ..


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