Sly (2018) Marmooz Movie ( فیلم مارموز )


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After making the Lizard movie, which could be described as one of the most political works of the cinema, the making of comedy and political films continued, but none could make it the lizard’s success.

The movie, which was released just about two weeks ago, sold nearly 1 billion in that year, and later came to the video market and was still selling very well.

Kamal Tabrizi, the creator of the film, was able to portray the personality of Reza Lizard with the help of the plotter Qasemkhani, and make him memorable of his dialogues.

The name of the marmot will cast the majority of spectators into the lizard, and the name of Kamal Tabrizi next to it can almost guarantee its success. But can one really consider a marmot with a lizard?

The truth is that the marmooz do not have the lizard’s boldness, but it’s more of a reality.

The body of Tabriz and the bitterness of Ghasemkhani in the lizard were not injected in the marmosets, but the characters are extremely real and the symbolism of the movie rages.


Almost all of the characters in the marmooz film are based on their true examples in the body of the state, and their selfish power is a combination of several of them, but as you may have guessed with the posters of the film;

This similarity is drawing more towards our former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


Hamed Behdad




During his many years of activity, Behdad has been in the role of an impassioned young man, and this personality brigade has become a sign of his act.

The first such play was Behdad in 2002 and collaborated with Hamid Nematullah in the movie “Botique”. Behdad, through co-starring with Mohammad Reza Golzar and, of course, his brilliant performance in the boutique, was able to present himself in Iranian cinema.



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