These Cats Have A Huge Collection Of Hats Made Out Of Their Shed Fur 2


They are gorgeous to look at and you can’t help wanting to stroke them all the time. Long haired cats are the archetypally beautiful cat breed. For all cat-lovers who like long haired cats, Persian cats are naturally the first choice. They have far and away the longest hair.

Semi long haired cats also have very beautiful fur, though it doesn’t grow quite as long as that of Persians.

Apart from the fur, each long haired cat breed has particular characteristics. The Angora cat, for instance, is the archetypal mother of all long haired cats; the British long haired cat has a quite placid nature; the Sacred Birman is very gentle, the Maine Coon grows to a great size and the Norwegian Forest Cat exhibits quite primitive behaviour. Exceptionally pretty representatives of the strain are the Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin and the Neva Masquerade.



Your long haired cat is always going to be the most beautiful of all.

Whether it’s an Angora, a Birman or a Persian – you just adore that long silky fur. This article will tell you how problems with fur arise in the first place, how you can guard against them and how you can ensure that the fur of your long haired cat grows thick and beautifully shiny and stays that way.


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